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EP. 45 **SNEAK PEEK** Stop, Look, and Listen, Innovation is Coming

av Team Anywhere Leadership Podcast | Publicerades 6/30/2021

Rachel Casanova and Ginny Bianco Mathis have been investigating this post-COVID work environment and there seems to be two conflicting conversations occurring between leaders and employees.In one extreme, there are some leaders saying they want their employees back into the offices by September. On the other side, employees are questioning the very nature of work and want their leaders and organizations to meet their needs. The options in the future (remote work, in office work and hybrid work) seem to serve different needs for different audiences. Inside this teaser for episode 55, listen to Rachel Casanova's perspective that explores how we can think about creating places for people to come to work, and what we should be watching for. Make sure you subscribe to the #TeamAnywhere Podcast to stay up to date with the most relevant leadership conversations. 

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Team Anywhere’s mission is to uncover Leaders on the Front Lines that are building teams and cultures where the majority of the workers are dispersed throughout the city, state, country, or world. We explore how these remote leaders foster engagement through trust, authenticity, and a sense of community. Ultimately, we are uncovering the new skills and practices that leaders must take on to connect, inspire, and transform their teams to compete in the new dispersed global economy.