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29. Embodying Your Innate Power With Rock-Star Shaman, Alyson Charles

av The Aligned Podcast | Publicerades 2/2/2021

On this week’s episode, we are beyond excited to share our conversation with internationally renowned Shaman, Author, Television Host, and Spiritual Teacher, Alyson Charles. Alyson’s life work has been centered around awakened living, starting from a very young age as a skilled competitive athlete, she became a national champion, division one college coach, advanced certified personal trainer, and journalist. After a traumatic event sparked her awakening, she has since dedicated herself to her calling within this life - to share ancient sacred wisdom and divine energy, as a powerful catalyst for change. We talk about Alyson’s expansive, inspirational journey from national champion athlete, to world renowned Rock-Star Shaman, bridging the wisdoms of earth and sky for modern times. We discuss what it means to be a “modern” Shaman, and how she navigates preserving sacred ancient teachings while bringing these rituals and practices to our modern world. She truly is a bridge. We touch on powerful subjects such as cultural appropriation vs cultural appreciation, and why it is so important to stay conscious, respectful, yet expansive when exploring Shamanism. Alyson also shares how she is navigating the wild energetic climate, stepping more fully into her sacred calling as an embodied and heart centered leader. We talk about conscious partnership, the next chapter with her fiancé Luke Storey, and her big move to Austin, Texas. We give our own personal perspectives about her “Soul Reboot Spirit School”, which we both found extremely valuable in navigating our own shamanic journey, and her new podcast “Ceremony Circle” which will be released this month. What we love most about this episode, is how you can really feel the magnitude of Alyson’s sacred wisdom and power, but also her grounded, kind, heart. Alyson has inspired both of us tremendously, and we’re so excited to share some of her magic with you, too! Resources:  Rock-Star Shaman Alyson Charles: Also check out Soul Reboot Spirit School Moon Circle Tickets Available Now! Click Here To Purchase. Thank you to everyone for the beautiful emails, messages and reviews. They truly mean the world to us. If you know someone who will be moved by this episode, please share! Also please subscribe, rate and review the episode Do you have questions? Please submit them in your written review. We will choose them randomly and answer them on the show. Let's stay connected! Follow us on Instagram: @thealignedpodcast Your hosts of The Aligned Podcast Ali Ofstedal: @aliofstedal Jessica Meils: @peoplecallmejess

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