The Zan and Jordan Show - Episode 4

The Zan and Jordan Show - Episode 4Restoring Beauty, 4th Turnings, & Finding Purpose in Societal Collapsewith Zan Perrion and Jordan Luke Collier____________________________________________________If a beautiful girl was lost in the woods and no-one was around to see her, would she still be beautiful?Today, Zan and Jordan get right to the heart of the matter. What is beauty, how does it operate, and how does any imperative to restore it to the world actually work? Are we here to save, restore, or reclaim her?Is all this beauty-seeking a luxurious affair for the few? What is the role of beauty if our civilization collapses? Will we have to give up the armchair philosophizing, plant seeds in the garden, and dig for victory? And how can a man strengthen his purpose in the face of both transcendence and collapse?Throughout the first hour of the show, we get Zan’s clearest exegesis yet on his philosophy of beauty. During the second hour, Jordan shares some disturbing visions of our short and medium-term future. Not to scare or alarm you, but by asking the question: if we practice imagining the worst-case scenario for our culture, can we actually fire up our sense of purpose - and restore beauty - even more powerfully today?This episode goes right into the broadest aspects of the Ars Amorata message, and paints a picture of the grandest picture we can live as men.We’re tremendously excited to release this episode, so come and join us for the discussion! What is the role of beauty if the world unravels into collapse? And is there reason for optimism, or jubilee? ____________________________________________________ResourcesLeonard Cohen - You Want It Darker? Howe - Introduction to the 4th Turning: Stendhal Effect - Amorata is a celebration of the art of seduction, the rebirth of romance, and a lifelong quest for beauty and adventure.Get a FREE signed copy of the book, "The Alabaster Girl" here: the show (

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