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"Even If" Faith

av The Beautifully Enough Podcast - a weekly devotional for Christian women | Publicerades 7/19/2021

The Beautifully Enough Shop is LIVE! This is my new online store that will provide resources for Christian women to grow their faith! The first workbook is out and LIVE, "HOW TO GET CONSISTENT WITH READING MY BIBLE." Head on over to my shop and use the promo code PODCAST10 for 10% the workbook!Today, we are going to the book of Daniel. One of my favorite books in the bible. The book of Daniel contains two very popular and famous bible stories: Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego being thrown into the furnace and Daniel and the lion's den. Takes you back to Sunday school, huh? As a child, you might not pick up of the deepness within each of these stories. But as an adult, after living some life, having moments you probably have felt crushed, ran over by a bulldozer, rug pulled out from under you, sky is falling struggles, stories like these can take one a whole new meaning.Has there ever been a time in your life where you have asking God for something? You prayed hard for it. You worked hard for it. You wanted it so badly it hurt. And the answer was still “no”. You’re left feeling confused, angry, frustrated. God why was this a no?? And you’re left with more questions than answers. -- You’re the one I want to talk to today. Today, I want to plant a seed about the “even if” faith. Even if He does not...it is well with my soul faith. IG:  @val_reynoldsFB: Valarie ReynoldsMusic: https://www.purple-planet.com Support the show (https://paypal.me/ValarieReynolds?locale.x=en_US)

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Are you tired of going through the motions? You know you should have a deeper more intimate relationship with God, but you just don’t know where to start? You want to hear His voice louder, clearer. Trust me, I have been there, sister. I know what it’s like to say you’re a Christian, but your quiet time and actions reflect something totally different. You know He loves you. You know you love Him. But you want to know Him as a deeper level. You want to know Jesus like the back of your hand. You want to understand His word, to read your Bible more, and to be a living example of the fruit of the spirit! I want to help you dive deeper into that journey and the truths in your life, God’s truths. To live, not as the world tells us to live, but to live fiercely as Godly women who fear the Lord! The Beautifully Enough Podcast is weekly devotional for Christian women. It is for any Christian woman who wants to develop more self confidence, courage and self esteem by restoring their belief back into God's truth and tearing down the lies they once believed about themselves! We grow our faith even stronger, study the Bible so you are armed with knowledge of what God’s truths are for your life, and we talk about every day pain points that every Christian woman struggles with.