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Whatever Is True And Noble

av The Beautifully Enough Podcast - a weekly devotional for Christian women | Publicerades 4/5/2021

Today’s episode is going to have some self reflection in it for you. (yay! We always love it when we have to self reflect, huh?) *insert sarcasm*) But I want to bring some light to what we choose to consume daily. I’m not really talking about what we eat, although the passage I am going to read talked about eating stew. But what do you allow yourself to consume with your ears, eyes, and how that translates into our thoughts. We will be in 2 Kings 4. In this passage, the prophets in this passage are currently enduring a 7 year famine. For them, it’s a food famine. For us, it's symbolic of a faith famine in our current world. Faith and believers are few and far between in our current world, aren’t they? We are living in a faith famine. The prophets were living in a food famine. And in the story, they ate "Death In a Pot". Their stew was poisonous. But what in your life are you allowing yourself to eat that is also poisonous, but you refuse to spit it out? I will be the one to say it is time to take off the rose colored glasses you’re looking at the world with and start to see the world through a warrior’s helmet. Let me help you awaken your spiritual discernment to the evil all over this world. Let me help you become more aware of the poisonous stew you’ve been consuming and let’s grow a passion for seeking what is true and noble! -------------------Have you been wanting to grow that more intimate relationship with God or spend more time in the word but just don’t know where to start? I can help! Click the link in my Instagram bio or just send me a DM saying "coaching" to schedule a free 10 minute consult call and let’s see if my clarity coaching sessions are what you need for guidance!IG:  @val_reynoldsFB: Valarie ReynoldsMusic: https://www.purple-planet.comSupport the show (https://paypal.me/ValarieReynolds?locale.x=en_US)

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Are you tired of going through the motions? You know you should have a deeper more intimate relationship with God, but you just don’t know where to start? You want to hear His voice louder, clearer. Trust me, I have been there, sister. I know what it’s like to say you’re a Christian, but your quiet time and actions reflect something totally different. You know He loves you. You know you love Him. But you want to know Him as a deeper level. You want to know Jesus like the back of your hand. You want to understand His word, to read your Bible more, and to be a living example of the fruit of the spirit! I want to help you dive deeper into that journey and the truths in your life, God’s truths. To live, not as the world tells us to live, but to live fiercely as Godly women who fear the Lord! The Beautifully Enough Podcast is weekly devotional for Christian women. It is for any Christian woman who wants to develop more self confidence, courage and self esteem by restoring their belief back into God's truth and tearing down the lies they once believed about themselves! We grow our faith even stronger, study the Bible so you are armed with knowledge of what God’s truths are for your life, and we talk about every day pain points that every Christian woman struggles with.