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BBP 129 : The Importance of Accountability

What if you could be 95% guaranteed of hitting ALL your goals?  Well, you can. The magic sauce: Accountability. The problem is, when you are an employee that accountability is built in. Fail to do what you’ve committed to get done, you’ll have your boss to answer to.  But you started your own business because […]

Om Podcasten

Adam Chatterley from brings his global spa, salon and wellness industry knowledge and expertise direct to your ears so you can start and grow your independent salon or beauty business as quickly and effectively as possible to match your goals and desires. Discover how you can get all the clients you want (and keep them coming back) so you no longer have to worry about quiet appointment books. Harness the amazing power of marketing using the internet and use your website and social media to drive your business beyond just getting more page likes. Learn how to master the art of retail sales without effort, set your prices to maximise revenue, reduce your costs, get the most from your team, create a salon business plan, work out your salon key performance indicators and much, much more all in one place. Adam uses his wealth of industry contacts to invite expert guests as often as possible to talk about a specific topic and bring you their incredible insight and knowledge. Normally you would need to travel to industry events and seminars, plus invest significant money to learn from this calibre of speaker, consultant or presenter, but here you’ll get is all straight to your pc or mobile device all for FREE.