Ep 25. Michelle Mitchell OBE, CEO Cancer Research UK: Cancer care, COVID-19 and the power of collaboration

“Leaders who can convene and collaborate are going to be best placed to navigate the challenges of the post-pandemic world… No one (single) person, no one organisation, in fact no one country can beat cancer... we go faster when we collaborate and partner.” Michelle Mitchell epitomises her organisation’s strap-line: Together we will beat cancer. Driven by an absolute determination to accelerate progress in cancer research, Michelle shares leadership insights and lessons learned from being CEO of this £600m organisation. Being the world’s largest independent funder of cancer research, has not meant that Cancer Research UK has been immune to the effects of the pandemic. CRUK is predicting a £250m drop in income over the next 3 years, which will seriously impact their ambitions to enable 3 in 4 people to survive cancer by 2034. We also talk about the impact the disruption of the past 18 months has had on the cancer community; and the importance of partnership, and the One Cancer Voice collaboration, in ensuring the continued delivery of world-class cancer services. Recorded September 2021.

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