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Monique Woodard (Cake Ventures) - The three layers of cake investment thesis, the future of work, and demographic changes that lead into opportunity

av The Consumer VC: Venture Capital I B2C Startups I Commerce | Early-Stage Investing | Publicerades 4/13/2021

Thank you Samara Hernandez ( ) for the intro to our guest today, Monique Woodard ( ). Monique is the founding Partner of Cake Ventures. Cake invests in companies that address the needs of a world undergoing massive demographic changes. We break down the three layers of Cake or themes that Monique focuses on, how she thinks about geography and future of work and her learnings as an operator and from 500 Startups. I highly recommend following Monique on Twitter @MoniqueWoodard ( ). A book that inspired Monique: The Tycoons ( ) by Charles R. Morris Questions I asked Monique: * What was your attraction to technology and entrepreneurship? * What led you to San Francisco? * Why did you decide to become an investor? * What were some of your learnings from your experience at 500 Startups? * What led to founding Cake Ventures? * What particular themes are you focused on investing in? * What's your decision making process or diligence process within each theme. * What has been some of the effects of COVID on sourcing and your due diligence process? * What's one thing that you would change about venture capital? * What's the best piece of advice that you've received? * What's one piece of advice for founders who are currently building?

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