Episode 44: Meeting Dave & NC Opening Weekend

DMB is officially back and Bruce and Nolan were there to take it all in at the 2021 Summer Tour opening shows in North Carolina. This episode has everything: Nolan tells his story about meeting Dave the day of the Raleigh show(!!!!), we recount the first official COGS tailgates, which included hanging out with the Landsman family, and a deep dive into both sets with musical highlights for your eardrums. It's so good to be back! Enjoy!

Om Podcasten

The Corner of Grey Street Podcast was created to dive deeper into the past, present, and future of the Dave Matthews Band. Join us as we will be discussing the most current DMB shows and reliving the gems of the past. Prepare yourself for plenty of banter, a ton of great music, and maybe even a guest or two. We hope to see you on the Corner of Grey Street.