The Deep Place: On Creativity and Spirituality

Ep 1- Welcome Home (Creativity as mirror)

av The Deep Place: On Creativity and Spirituality | Publicerades 2/25/2019

WELCOME HOME to episode 1 of the Deep Place Podcast. Its great to have you here. This episode is all about the use of creativity as a mirror. How it may be used to reflect back to people the truth of their identity and challenge their false perceptions of self. It also looks at how the two hosts, Joel Mckerrow and Joy Prouty, began working together. ________________ SUPPORT the PODCAST with a monthly amount at Find Joel's work including the poems and videos mentioned in this episode at- and find Joy's work at and find us both on instagram. FIND the podcast at JOIN the Podcast FB community at Check out the INSTAGRAM at Theme MUSIC and the rest of the music in todays episode by Joshua Fuhrmeister- The Deep Place is sponsored by

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Joy Prouty and Joel Mckerrow host authentic conversation on the interflow between creativity and the deep places within our lives.