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#110 Beating Brain Fog with Dr Sabina Brennan PhD

Brain fog is one of the commonest symptoms I come across as a doctor in primary care, yet the least understood. On today’s podcast I speak with Dr Sabina Brennan PhD about her incredible career from Soaps to Science and everything to do with brain fog.Dr Sabina is a chartered health psychologist (C.Psychol.,PsSI.), neuroscientist (PhD), host of the Super Brain podcast and best-selling author. Her new book Beating Brain Fog (Orion Spring) takes your symptoms seriously and shows that you don't have to live with them.On today’s Pod you will learn:Why teenage brains explain their lack of inhibitionLoneliness and its relationship with poor cognitionWhat Brain Fog isHow it can occur as a result of Hormone fluctuations, Oestrogen, pregnancyThe relationship with Inflammation and viral infectionsThe concept of neuroplasticity and the difference between Brain vs cognitive reserve Pain its association with BDNF and fogWhy Dr Brennan prescribes smiling 5x a dayI loved this episode and Sabina is such a fantastic communicator and her mission to get everyone looking after their brain health as routinely as they brush their teeth. Links all on See for privacy and opt-out information.

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