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#113 FAT and the Wonderful World of this Secret Organ with, Prof Liesbeth van Rossum & Dr Mariette Boon

Fat! This curious, wonderful and often misunderstood organ is the subject of today’s podcast with Professor Liesbeth van Rossum, MD PhD and Dr Mariëtte Boon MD PhD authors of the incredible book “Fat. The Secret Organ”. And yes it is an organ.Professor Liesbeth van Rossum, MD, PhD is internist-endocrinologist at the Erasmus University Medical Center, Rotterdam. She is co-founder of the Obesity Center CGG, and has an internationally leading position in the field of obesity and biological stress research.Dr Mariëtte Boon, MD, PhD is an internal medicine specialist in training. Her research, per- formed at the Leiden University Medical Center, focuses on fat metabolism. Today’s pod is a whirlwind of a conversation running through a fantastic variety of topics all to do with fat. You’ll learn about:Why fat is an organWhat mechanisms drive hunger and satietyWhy too little as well as too much fat can be detrimentalHow you can stimulate your satiety to eat lessHow stress can cause fatThe number and size of fat cells and if they change throughout your lifeWhy liposuction doesn’t workWhat brown fat is and how to increase itFat on inflammation, immune health and fertilityThe 6 categories of what causes weight gain from genetics and sleep to food and stressIf a virus can cause obesity?Their book “Fat. The Secret Organ” is a must read for anyone as interested in this subject. We didn’t get time to properly dive deep into some other topics in the book, such as the evidence based lifestyle recommendations and how you can use simple hacks to increase metabolism as well as nutrition, so do grab a copy. I highly recommend it!Check out The Doctor's Kitchen website for full show notes and information on this and all other episodes. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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