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BONUS Episode Food Systems, Health and Sustainability with Barbara Bray MBE

Today I am joined by Barbara Bray MBE- a TEDx speaker and director of Alo Solutions - a consultancy driving and delivering food safety in food supply chains and that helps develop sustainable nutrition strategies for food businesses.Prior to consultancy Barbara worked in the Ugandan agri-business sector after graduation and then spent fourteen years in the chilled foods sector in the UK and France. Her roles covered food procurement, technical innovation and implementation of food safety systems.As well as being a registered nutritionist, she is; Co-founder of the multi-disciplinary platform Healthy and Sustainable Food; Director of the Oxford Farming Conference; Member of the food and nutrition group at the Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST); and Trustee of the Nutrition Society. In 2019 Barbara was awarded an MBE for services to food nutrition.As part of her Nuffield farming scholarship her project ‘Vegetable Production For Specific Nutritional Need’ looked at international food policies and private initiatives to promote consumption of vegetables which benefit our health. On the show today we talk about:Regenerative farmingOrganic vs InorganicBetter farming techniques and the use of AgrichemicalsWhat healthy sustainable diets look like in other countriesHow we can shape our food landscapeThe role of government versus the consumerCheck out The Doctor's Kitchen website for full show notes on this and all other episodes See for privacy and opt-out information.

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