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Camilla Jennings, Jenkyn Place - Ep8

Today my guest is Camilla Jennings from Jenkyn Place in Hampshire. Camilla's father, Simon Bladon, planted the first vines at their family home in 2004 and Camilla joined the business 10 years later. We talk about her decision to join the family business following a career in property, how English wine got under her father's skin (and in turn hers) and the vineyard's other-worldly visitors which has given it a reputation as one of the spookiest places in England.  "I've never seen any but my mum says she thinks she might have. We've certainly never had any bad experiences – they're happy ghosts!"Jenkyn Place opens for tours at weekends - visit and follow @Jenkynplace on Instagram and @Jenkynplacewine on Twitter for more information.  Thank you for listening to today's episode of The English Wine Diaries. If you enjoyed the podcast then please leave a rating or review and to hear future episodes as they are released, hit subscribe on your podcast listening platform.To find out who's joining me next week, follow @thesouthernquarter on Instagram and for more regular English wine news, visit and sign up to my newsletter.  

Om Podcasten

The English Wine Diaries is a weekly interview series with Rebecca Pitcairn, editor, journalist and founder of The Southern Quarter, an online lifestyle magazine about English Wine. Each week Rebecca is joined by a special guest from the world of wine (and beyond) to talk all about their English wine journey. From sommeliers to vineyard owners, hoteliers and some rather familiar faces too, discover how a love of wine – particularly that made on British soil – has helped shape their lives and careers.