My Chevy Brag and Bill’s Kona Update

Chevy is recalling 51,000 Bolts manufactured between 2017-2019, right after I gave them a pat on the back for finally getting on the EV train. Oh, well. Bill in Arizona took his recalled Hyundai Kona EV for service and gave me the update. Remember if you are in the market for barware, has some … Continue reading "My Chevy Brag and Bill’s Kona Update"

Om Podcasten

Electric Vehicles are everywhere. All major car manufacturers, from the highest-end performance brands to the lowest-end utilitarian family wagons, are working to produce an EV option for the marketplace. Battery capacity breakthroughs and concept cars shrouded in secrecy dominate the news. Here in America, public charging infrastructure is popping up… in big cities where consumers are realizing they can electrify their commute and save 70% on fuel costs. But what about small-town America? Ben Jones, an electrical engineer for an distribution cooperative in southeastern Kentucky believes so. He’s been exposed to EVs and charging infrastructure projects for his utility. Ben believes that EVs need to be in every town and the right combination of battery range and charging options make electric cars very attractive to rural inhabitants. But that was not always the case. The EV Diaries chronicle Ben’s conversion from skeptic to being a self-appointed EV ambassador. He talks about his experiences with all things EV while keeping abreast of EV news around the world. On top of this, he is looking to purchase his first EV to be a daily driver and discusses his needs, wants and other considerations when purchasing an EV. The EV revolution is here! Buckle up! It should be a fun ride.