1. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Welcome back! This episode, the first in months since our interview series began, is a hard hitter and a hot topic. We’re talking about energy! Or, should I say, the LACK of it. My working title for this episode was, “Energy? Where you at?!” Chronic fatigue is one of the biggest, most irritating symptoms that people with a wide variety of chronic illnesses face, and sometimes it also occurs on its own. In this episode, we dig into the latest science around it’s causes, as well as the history of CFS, practical lifestyle steps we can take to support our bodies in healing, and the specific categories of herbs (and a few examples) to look for when deciding how to create an herbal remedy for energy. If you get to the end of this podcast and decide that having an herbalist on your team to help you create energy would be helpful, please visit www.laureltreewellnessllc.com or email Naomi at laureltreewellness@gmail.com Thank you for listening!

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The Family Herbalism Podcast is hosted by Naomi Kilbreth, Christian Clinical Herbalist and owner of Laurel Tree Wellness, LLC in Auburn, Maine. She brings to the table both her professional experience and her personal experience as the mother of four children, to offer you practical guidance in creating a healthy life with food and herbs that are simple to work with, affordable, and accessible. To learn more about Naomi and her services, visit www.laureltreewellnessllc.com Thank you for listening and sharing!