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3. Tables, Tea, & Coffee, with Rebecca Seger

In this mini series, I am interviewing some awesome people with a wide variety of skills. Today’s interview is with a very special guest! Rebecca Seger was my co-creator of Laurel Tree Wellness! Over tea and coffee, around dining room tables, coffee tables, picnic tables, and cafe tables, Rebecca and I have weaved a story of personal development and purpose and mission in the world, so I am very happy to introduce you to her. Rebecca is a Holistic Health Coach and photographer. She customizes coaching experiences using a wide variety of creative healing modalities that foster the connection between mind, body, and spirit, and she leads groups through experiences of ecstatic dance. She is also creating a retreat opportunity for women to get in touch with their playful sides and release old beliefs. Rebecca is a sweet, compassionate, and inspiring person and we would love for you to reach out to her personally. You can find her at and on Facebook @feralwomanjourney. P.S. I apologize about the sound of the AC running in the background. Please don’t let that deter you from enjoying and learning from this conversation! Thank you for listening!

Om Podcasten

The Family Herbalism Podcast is hosted by Naomi Kilbreth, Christian Clinical Herbalist and owner of Laurel Tree Wellness, LLC in Auburn, Maine. She brings to the table both her professional experience and her personal experience as the mother of four children, to offer you practical guidance in creating a healthy life with food and herbs that are simple to work with, affordable, and accessible. To learn more about Naomi and her services, visit Thank you for listening and sharing!