39. 12 Natural Health Podcasts without the “Woo Woo”

Reviews I receive from listeners frequently mention how grateful they are to have found a podcast that focus on practical application of herbs and has a holistic approach that isn’t heavy in “Mother Earth” or “woo woo” references. While I am grateful to be able to provide that, these reviews inspired me to make a list of other podcasts that this group of listeners would enjoy. This episode is the result of that mission, and I hope you will be encouraged and inspired to check out these wonderful resources and find more podcasts that work well for you. Feel free to message me with reviews, thoughts, and episode requests at laureltreewellness@gmail.com

Om Podcasten

The Family Herbalism Podcast is hosted by Naomi Kilbreth, Christian Clinical Herbalist and owner of Laurel Tree Wellness, LLC in Auburn, Maine. She brings to the table both her professional experience and her personal experience as the mother of four children, to offer you practical guidance in creating a healthy life with food and herbs that are simple to work with, affordable, and accessible. To learn more about Naomi and her services, visit www.laureltreewellnessllc.com Thank you for listening and sharing!