Episode 31 - Prized Possession

It’s the very essence of the game. For any team to score a goal they need to have the ball. And having the ball for any period is, of course, termed possession. But how useful are possession statistics in providing information about the game? What else can be used to outline which team was more dominant? As always, we scratch below the surface to look deeper into some key analytics terms. We also uncover our latest ‘unpopular opinions’ in football, and delve back into our fanalytics mailbag. A lot of ground covered this week, so not one to be missed!

Om Podcasten

The Football Fanalytics Podcast is the show where two football fans, Ryan Bailey (TV Producer) and Mark Carey (Data Analyst at The Athletic), combine their love of the game with their knowledge of football statistics and data analytics. Join us as we break down some of football’s key concepts, explore the ever-growing world of football analytics, and get the views from a whole host of guests across the game. With access to the Twenty3 Content Toolbox, we will also bring you up-to-date analytics on players and teams across the continent. But this is not just about the numbers, we will be looking at all of the above from the fan's point of view. Twitter: @FanalyticsPod and @Twenty3sport; Instagram: @fanalyticspod Email: fanalytics.pod@gmail.com