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Song Of Freedom

av The House Of Hammer | Publicerades 6/2/2021

In the second episode hear the story surrounding Hammer’s second movie: 1936’s ‘Song Of Freedom’ starring the one and only Paul Robeson!Hear all about why musicals really mattered during this period of cinema, the story of Paul Robeson himself, the introduction of another “Hammer Hero”, plus a discussion of that rarest of beasts… a HAMMER MUSICAL!All will be revealed in Room Two of ‘The House Of Hammer’…Follow us on Twitter at us on Instagram at“Ben on… Musical Cinema” - was written by Ben Taylorson and produced by Adam Roche“Adam on… Paul Robeson” - was written and produced by Adam Roche“Cev on… Hammer Heroes: James Carreras” - was written and produced by Cev Moore“Adam, Smokey, Cev and Ben on… Song Of Freedom - produced by Cev Moore”The rest of the episode was produced by Smokey“The House Of Hammer Theme” and incidental music - written and produced by Cev MooreArtwork by Richard Wells

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