Empathy as a Guiding Star: Three Ways to Wear your Users' Shoes

Technology has value only if it meets the dreams, needs, desires of the users. When it makes people's lives better, easier, more focused, faster, safer, or just plain funnier. Technology without value might pass for art, but in the end, it's just junk. Understanding users is central to the success of a product, service, or technology. In this episode of the human-technology podcast, I present three methods that set the right course at the beginning of a project.

Om Podcasten

It's about the relationship between humans and technology, about the design of technology. It's about how we can get our lives back by dropping technology addiction. Technology has two big problems: it's difficult to access and it's addicting. I want to make my listeners' lives better by opening their eyes to the design and use of technology. My goal is to change the way you look at the world and make it a better place.