Giles Paley-Phillips – The Power of Positive Linking

Paul Boross is joined by author of the The Fearsome Beastie and host of the Blank podcast, Giles Paley-Phillips. As a positive force on social media, Giles discuss how a being kind can help connect people in the hardest moments of life.“If you are having a difficult time there is a way that you can you have that release, maybe it's sharing a funny story, an anecdote, a joke. There are these moments that actually allow us to break that chain of distress that you're going through and think about the world, and it's very much a part of the human condition.”Giles shares his experience as an author, podcast host, and overall positive person to discuss how gratitude can influence your attitude. Join us this week as we dive into the power of positivity only on The Humourology Podcast. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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Paul Boross talks to the funniest and most successful leaders in business, sport and entertainment about how humour measurably improves your business and your life. Humourology is a study into why a good sense of humour is much more than a means to raise a smile – it’s a critical psychological defence against the stresses of everyday life, it’s the source of our resilience and it’s the secret weapon of all successful leaders. See for privacy and opt-out information.