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The Italian Hand | S01 E02 | Bresciani 1970 | Part 1

This is the story of a small hosiery factory located in Spirano, Bergamo, Bresciani 1970. Talking with Massimiliano, I discovered a family business full of passion and humor, being both strictly focused on manufacturing high quality socks and underwear...

Om Podcasten

The Italian Hand is a monthly podcast telling personal stories of italian tailors and artisans, having one-on-one conversations with the masters who not only established the craftsmanship in their country, but also reinnovate it constantly.From experienced pioneers to the next generation of highly respected family businesses, from high-quality fabric mills to well-known influencers and brand ambassadors on social networks — The Italian Hand addresses the passionate and lovely mindset towards life and work of the masters and their successors in a direct, personal and undisguised way, revealing more insights about the unique italian fingerprint, that can be noticed in every single piece of classic menswear.Your host Jürgen Breu takes you on a journey through different style metropoles of Italy to discover the experiences and values of the most respected and successful ateliers, mills and entrepreneurs.