10. DITCH PERFECTION: Improve Your Marriage AND Life with Ashleigh Renard

Ashleigh Renard was raised in figure skating and took the quest for perfectionism into marriage and motherhood. Through her candid presence on social media she has invited her audience to walk alongside her as she transformed from Martyrmom to Selfish Mom (and realized that it certainly was her self-sacrifice that was keeping her family miserable), building a committed mass-following who tune in daily for her fresh, no-fuss advice on everything from keeping monogamy hot, to renegotiating a marriage, to getting kids to clean the house (because nothing makes her prouder than child labor). With savvy and plenty of humor, her down-to-earth voice tackles topics that are relatable to anyone struggling with the awkwardness of living in a meat suit at Earth School. She resides in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with her husband, their three children, a cat, and a dog. As a child she thought Pennsylvania the most unfortunately named state, too similar to Transylvania. To her delight, it has ample sunlight and a remarkably low population of vampires.Listen in to hear a real, honest conversation about; - Unrealistic expectations of perfectionism- Depending on others- Rehabbing a shabby marriage- Intimacy & Marriage- Communication- Motherhood- Putting yourself first  Laugh with her on Instagram @ashleighrenard.Share the episode and include #thejessicahaizmanpodcastwww.jessicahaizman.com/podcast

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