12. Is Your Career Right for You?

Ashley Stahl is counter-terrorism professional turned career coach and author of the book You Turn: Get Unstuck, Discover Your Direction, Design Your Dream Career, and she's on a mission to help you step into a career you’re excited about and aligned with. Through her two viral TEDx speeches, her online courses, her email list of 500,000 and her show, You Turn Podcast, she's been able to support clients in 31 countries in discovering their best career path, upgrading their confidence and landing more job offers.Listen in to todays episode to hear;-When you'll know your career isn't right for you-How to find time to learn about yourself-Identifying your core skill set-Identifying your core values-How to sync up what you love and what your good atBe sure to subscribe, leave a rating, and share with a friend, see you next week! Listen to the episode! | Follow me on Instagram! | Follow me on tiktok!

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The perfect podcast for anyone searching to live with more joy and less stress. Each episode will take a dive into a specific area of your life or your home to make it a space that brings you joy. Along with Jessica sharing her own tips and tricks you will also get tangible advice from a variety of guests who are experts in their field. Expect everything from organization, cleaning, minimalism, mindfulness, health, fitness, productivity tips, relationships, self care, and so much more. Podcast Show Notes! | Follow me on Instagram! | Follow me on tiktok!