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S9 E9 - Osteoporosis and Resistance Training

av The MDTea Podcast | Publicerades 12/8/2020

Osteoporosis is a common condition in patients over the age of 50. We look at the evidence there is for using high intensity resistance, strength and impact training to improve bone density and reduce fracture risk in these individuals, and how practically we can incorporate this into our practice and recommendations for long term benefits.Show notes are available to view and download at www.thehearingaidpodcasts.org.uk for more detail and curriculum mapping against Foundation, CMT, IMT, GPVTS, Geriatric Registrar and NHS Knowledge Skills Framework (KSF) programmes.Presented by: Dr Jo Preston, Dr Iain Wilkinson, Sarah-Jane Ryan and Dr Sophie Norman.Guests: Ananthi Punti, Sarah Pope  

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