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Harvard & UCLA Professor Barbara Horowitz on what the study of animals can teach us about human health and disease

av The MindBodyBrain Project | Publicerades 2/27/2021

My guest today is one sharp cookie. Barbara Horowitz is a Cardiologist and Professor at UCLA, Professor of Medicine at Harvard and Professor of Evolultionary Biology at Harvard. She’s also a trained Psychiatrist for good measure Today we discuss her recent focus on species-wide patterns in development in critical periods of life and her books Zoobiquity & Wildhood.  We explore what we can learn from human health and disease from the study of animals, and it’s a fascinating conversation.Here is the link to Barbara's website and you can also click here for her Zoobiquty book and here for her new book Wildwood - both are co-written with Kathryn Bowers.If you're enjoying the podcast, please leave us a review on your podcast player as they really help.We are also delighted to announce the release of our first public course, called The Better You Program. It’s comprehensive 8-week, Better You program, with 8 weekly interactive webinars with myself and mindset coach Carly Taylor, a partner app and a whole heap of exercises and tools to help you become a better version of yourself – whatever that means for you. It launches on the 29th March. If the sound of this floats your boat,  click here to find out more.Here's the highlights of the show:   Start:  How Barbara went from Cardiologist to studying animals5:40 -  The blindfold of human exceptionalism10:26 -  A fascinating whistle-stop tour of evolution (a must-listen!)14:57 -  What studying animals can teach us about diseases in humans26:42 -  Mental health conditions in animals33:34 -  Implications of co-evolved fear circuitry in animals and  humans 38:27 -  The complex biology of stress and inflammation44:45 -  The value of testable hypothesis in evolutionary adaptation49:30 -  Teenagers, risk-taking, impulsivity & peer influences in animals & humans59:27 -  Evolutionary trade-offs in chronic disease1:09:19 -  Barbara's new book Wildhood

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