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How Stoic Philosophy can improve your life, with Cognitive Psychotherapist & Stoicism expert Donald Robertson

av The MindBodyBrain Project | Publicerades 3/6/2021

In this episode I interview the super-knowledgable Cognitive Psychotherapist and Stoic Philosophy expert Donald Robertson, author of the excellent book How To Think Like A Roman Emperor , as well as 5 other on Philosophy, Psychotherapy & Psychological skills Training. Donald takes us on a journey through ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy, from Socrates to the Emperor  Marcus Aurelius, exploring the Virtues of the Stoics and how we can apply them to our own lives to help us navigate the challenges of modern life. Donald is a founding member of Modern Stoicism and his own website contains online courses on Stoic Philosophy as well as lots of free videos and articles - it's an absolute treasure-trove of information. He is also a committee member for and one of the organisers and speakers  of the Stoicon-x Military conference, exploring Courage, Honour & Stoicism.If you're enjoying the podcast, please leave us a review on your podcast player as they really help.We are also delighted to announce the release of our first public course, called The Better You Program. It’s comprehensive 8-week, Better You program, with 8 weekly interactive webinars with myself and mindset coach Carly Taylor, a partner app and a whole heap of exercises and tools to help you become a better version of yourself – whatever that means for you. It launches on the 29th March. If the sound of this floats your boat,  click here to find out more.Below are the episode highlights:Start: Donald's journey into Stoic Philosophy & Psychotherapy7:20 -  The female connection with Stoicism9:47 -  Zeno, the founder of Stoicism18:18 - The link between Philosophy and Psychotherapy21:55 -  Seneca The Younger & Epictetus26: 44 -  The upbringing of Marcus Aurelius31:16 -  The background to the 4 Cardinal Virtues of Stoic Philosophy34:54 -  The Virtue of Wisdom (based on reason)41:41 - The Virtue of Courage44: 50 -  The Virtue of Temperance (self-discipline)45:54 - When self-discipline becomes a vice48:30 -  The Virtue of Justice (social morality)51:42 - The Therapy of the Passions57:15 - The practical application of Stoicism to modern life1:05:35 - The View From Above technique 

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