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8: Truth is a Woman & Loves Only a Warrior

The topic for this week is... The Truth. The Nietzschean view of truth is one of the most difficult positions to convey, because the nature of the topic requires pushing language to its limits. To question the value of truth-seeking seems antithetical to the very activity of philosophy. Is Nietzsche just being obstinate? Is he an irrationalist? Is he a postmodernist? What about a Neo-Kantian? And what about Jordan Peterson's summation of his view of truth, that, "truth ought to serve life"?  As I was expounding the wicked immoralisms of Nietzsche, towards the end of the episode, the rumbling of thunder was picked up by the microphone. This is either evidence that God himself was angered as I continued to challenge the sacred relationship between "the Good" and "the True", or else that I decided to record an episode during our rainy season. It recurs a few times, so I thought I'd clarify that it is not an added sound effect, but simply a random occurrence. Nevertheless, it makes the concluding section of the episode sound all that more forbidden and profound! This week we venture into one of the most fraught topics among the followers of Nietzsche. Ready your swords and your shields, my friends, for Truth Loves Only a Warrior! Episode art this week is Pallas Athene by Rembrandt, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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A podcast about Nietzsche's ideas, his influences, and those he influenced. Philosophy and cultural commentary through a Nietzschean lens.