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#146 Can I Contradict Myself

I feel like saying something today. tomorrow I might change my stand and people might say you are contradicting your past stand. In a world where contradiction is seen as a very bad thing… is it ok for people to contradict what they say? Also Listen to my weekly podcast 'The Minimal Agilist' Join our Community of Active Learners:  Connect on Social Media: Instagram: YouTube: Twitter: Facebook: Blog: Clubhouse: --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

Om Podcasten

Penpositive Outclass is an Active Learner’s Journal. A reflection of the multitudes within us. Hosted by Vinod Narayan, Founder @ PENPOSITIVE.COM, the community for Active and Productive Learners. Vinod delves into his weekly learnings on Life and Work from Conversations, Articles, Books, Movies Podcasts and More. He wraps up every Podcast by reading a Poem, as poems can give us a perspective of the world that we cannot find otherwise. Reach him at And Connect on FB | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | LinkedIn | Telegram @penpositive Support this podcast: