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@Percussion - 271 - Dani Markham

av The @Percussion Podcast | Publicerades 2/11/2021

  ★ Support the show by becoming a patron: ★ Follow us on:  Facebook: Instagram: PodBean: Dani Markham @danimarkham on Instagram  Hosts: Casey Cangelosi, Ben Charles, Karli Vina, and Ksenija Komljenović, Bill Shaltis, Brian Nozny, Caleb Pickering Intro music by Reese Maultsby   Watch here  Listen below  0:00 Intro and hello. 1:15 Ben:  News for Feb 11 6:50 Welcome to Dani Markham!  8:00 What are you doing currently?  9:40 Your career life and schedule? 13:01 What has your classical school training taught you about freelancing?  19:00 Auditioning?   27:00 Early training by wrote and ear?   31:20 Auxiliary Percussionist  39:25 Career path? 44:30 Starting in a new city? 49:15 Any crazy gig stories?  55:04 Keeping busy during COVID?  58:45 Favorite xylo rag? 1:02:50 What is your dream for the year post COVID?

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