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av The @Percussion Podcast | Publicerades 3/18/2021

★ Support the show by becoming a patron: ★ Follow us on:  Facebook: Instagram: PodBean: Hosts: Casey Cangelosi, Ben Charles, and Ksenija Komljenović Intro music by Bartek Miler Guest: Matt Keown Watch here  Listen below  01:10 Music History – March 18  Birthdays: Hanna Kulenty, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, premieres: Dmitri Shostakovich – New Babylon (Film), Edward Elgar – In the South, Arnold Schönberg – Verklarte Nacht, Anatoly Lyadov – Baba Yaga 09:10 Guest Intro: Matt Keown 11:56 How are you, where are you? 12:43 What did Robert Van Sice think of the Blue Devils?  17:52 Percussionist father, Alan Keown. 20:02 How do the marching percussion and concert percussion sides interact? 24:22 Animosity between marching and concert percussionists? 27:37 How has your dynamic with your father changed over the years? 34:03 Stereotypes of parents who push children into music 36:38 What have you learned in the past year during Covid-19? 39:37 Topic: NY Times Review “Yuja Wang Makes a Case for Piano as Percussion” 43:53 Bartok’s Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion – the challenges of programming the work 48:31 Ksenija’s arrangement of The Rite of Spring for percussion and piano 56:13 Icarus Quartet (two pianos, two percussion) – what commissions are you working on? 58:39 Churches Made Out of Shipwrecks by Michael Laurello 01:01:43 IG Question from @Jade_Hails - You’ve spent time on either coast, what would you say is the primary difference between them from a musical perspective? Gigs, player attitude, teachers, etc.? 1:06:48 IG Question from lrklorker – If you were a character from “The Ballad of Poisonberry Pete”, who would you be? 01:07:50 Who is your favorite person to play in the Percussion Collective? 01:09:13 Michael Jackson arrangement played by the Percussion Collective 01:10:32 How does Jeff Stern challenge you? 01:12:55 What was the last thing that challenged you? 01:16:04 Real friends in music and criticism 01:18:18 Ben talks about ugly babies (book: Creativity, Inc.) 01:19:14 Objective vs. subjective arguments in chamber music 01:23:40 What’s your next project? Icarus Quartet performance in April

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