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Show 242 - Roh Yakobi

This is the most emotional episode of The Political Party ever recorded. Roh Yakobi was tortured by the Taliban when he was just 12. In this deeply moving interview he tells us his remarkable life story, including the brutal reality of being governed by the Taliban. He also speaks of his despair for his family and friends, particularly his female cousin, now that the Taliban are back in control. Roh is now a fellow at the Human Security Centre, having moved to Wolverhampton. A Labour member, his experience of growing up in Afghanistan has had a profound effect on his politics and his analysis of the West's foreign policy is devastating.    Follow Roh on Twitter: @Roh_Yakobi   Find out more about the Human Security Centre:   Buy tickets to The Political Party, live at The Duchess Theatre including the opening night with Andy Burnham on Monday 27 September here:   Email the show:   Follow Matt on Twitter: @mattforde   Follow Matt on WTSocial:    See for privacy and opt-out information.

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