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Show 244 - Lorna Slater

The co-leader of the Scottish Greens tells the inside story of their historic deal with the SNP which puts the Greens in government in the UK for the first time. What influence do the Greens hope to have on the SNP? What are they and aren't they bound by? What is the Green case for Scottish independence? Lorna also discusses her own politics beyond Green issues and reflects on her life as person with autism.    Follow Lorna on Twitter: @lornaslater   NEW GUESTS ANNOUNCED FOR THE POLITICAL PARTY LIVE: 27 Sept: Andy Burnham 11 Oct: Penny Mordaunt 25 Oct: TBC 8 Nov: Anas Sarwar 22 Nov: Anthony Scaramucci 6 Dec: Jeremy Hunt   Buy tickets to The Political Party, live at The Duchess Theatre including the opening night with Andy Burnham on Monday 27 September here:   Email the show:   Follow Matt on Twitter: @mattforde   Follow Matt on WTSocial:  See for privacy and opt-out information.

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Comedian, Broadcaster (and former political adviser) Matt Forde presents The Political Party, the show where renowned politicians and experts open up and give their most honest, revealing and often hilarious answers.