Episode #102 Improving the Recall

Today we are talking about taking your dog to new places and recall. How do I get my dog to come to me at the park? Or on a trail? Or anywhere NEW? A strong recall can give a dog more opportunities to go places and be with you. If I am confident my dog will come when called, we really do enjoy more activities together. Here are a few tips to get you started.Support the show

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Amy Jensen is a professional puppy trainer, service dog trainer and creator of Baxter & Bella's Puppy Prep - The Online Puppy School. She spends her free time training dogs to be calm, well-mannered household members as well as service & therapy dogs. After receiving many requests to train dogs for people, Amy decided to roll out a comprehensive how-to online training program to help you train your own dog. On this podcast, she shares training tips aimed at helping you be successful on your own puppy training journey.#baxterandbellapuppytraining #puppyprep #theonlinepuppyschool