Episode #98 Adolescence & Boredom Prevention with Courtney Goblirsch

Do you have a teenage dog in your home? It happens sooner than you think. Courtney Goblirsch joins Amy in studio to discuss common adolescent behavior and how to help make it through this phase of your dog's life - maybe even enjoy it! Support the show

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Amy Jensen is a professional puppy trainer, service dog trainer and creator of Baxter & Bella's Puppy Prep - The Online Puppy School. She spends her free time training dogs to be calm, well-mannered household members as well as service & therapy dogs. After receiving many requests to train dogs for people, Amy decided to roll out a comprehensive how-to online training program to help you train your own dog. On this podcast, she shares training tips aimed at helping you be successful on your own puppy training journey.#baxterandbellapuppytraining #puppyprep #theonlinepuppyschool