Episode #103 Preparing For Your New Dog

We know when you get a new dog or puppy it feels similar. It is BUSY! There is a fair amount of thinking, planning, stress, excitement, all wrapped up in one that can be a bit overwhelming. So for today’s podcast we are talking  about PREPARING. We coach thousands of families through bringing a new dog into their home and how to best go about it. We have an entire learning module dedicated to preparing for your puppy (or dog.) Support the show

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Amy Jensen is a professional puppy trainer, service dog trainer and creator of Baxter & Bella's Puppy Prep - The Online Puppy School. She spends her free time training dogs to be calm, well-mannered household members as well as service & therapy dogs. After receiving many requests to train dogs for people, Amy decided to roll out a comprehensive how-to online training program to help you train your own dog. On this podcast, she shares training tips aimed at helping you be successful on your own puppy training journey.#baxterandbellapuppytraining #puppyprep #theonlinepuppyschool