COMING SOON: Series 6 of Bring Back V10s

The wait is nearly over - Bring Back V10s is returning for a sixth series, with more amazing stories from a golden era when F1 was loud both on track and off. This season, with the help of a great line-up of special guests, we’ll be diving deep into another hand-picked selection of fascinating topics, including Michael Andretti’s F1 nightmare with McLaren in 1993, Fernando Alonso’s first win at Hungary in 2003, the epic battle between Senna and Mansell at Monaco in 1992 and much, much more. The first episode drops on Thursday July 14th, so to make sure you don’t miss an episode search for Bring Back V10s in your favourite podcast app and be sure to like, follow or subscribe to the show. And remember, if you’re a member of The Race Members’ Club, you can get episodes a week early and ad-free. Just go to to sign up. If you’d like to get in touch with the show or ask a question for later in the series, use the hashtag #BringBackV10s on Twitter, or email Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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