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Whether you’re the person in charge of leads, a small business owner, or anyone looking to do more business through prospecting (which should be everyone), this episode is for you. In today’s episode of The Sales Evangelist, Donald is joined by Mike Moll to learn how to attract high-quality leads without ads by using modern techniques and platforms. Sales professionals can’t rely on marketing to supply enough leads. Video outreach is an effective strategy to supply your ideal client. Once you’re connected with someone, you’re guaranteed a 100% delivery rate platform through LinkedIn messaging. Make videos right on the LinkedIn platform. Other options include BombBomb and Loom, but asking a prospect to click a video link might dissuade some from watching. Sending a video far outclasses automated messages. With the pandemic ending in-person conferences, many B2B sellers turned to LinkedIn to conduct business, resulting in a surplus of auto-generated LinkedIn outreach messages.  Sending 50 impactful videos will make far greater headway than frustrating people with spammy-sounding auto-generated messages. Sending messages to build connections: There are two big mistakes: forcing yourself as a needed solution to the prospect and removing a prospect’s autonomy in decision-making. Don’t be overly friendly. People buy from people, so if they don’t like you, they will not buy. Start video messages with a “hello” and a quick introduction. Make the intro as quickly as possible to focus instead on addressing their pain points. Consider listing the features of your product, which can continue to discuss the negative results that arise when that solution isn’t present. Mastering the follow-up strategy: Plan one more video or text follow-up. Typically, if someone doesn't respond to either of those, move to email for a 3-5 message campaign. Sending 100 personalized videos per week typically results in booking ten meetings, and when they come on the call, the cadence and familiarity is already present. Mike’s final takeaway? Video doesn’t have to be perfect. Leave in minor mistakes - we’re all human, and those mistakes convey that human element. Don’t make it perfect, just make it! Connect with Mike on Instagram @themikemoll for more content and to stay up-to-date on his pursuits. This episode is brought to you in part by LinkedIn Sales Navigator. The Great Resignation has become the Great Reshuffle, meaning it can be difficult for sales professionals like you to find leads and close deals. Luckily, Sales Navigator from LinkedIn is here for you! Sales Navigator from LinkedIn is the only tool that uses real-time alerts and up-to-date insights to help you know when prospects are ready to buy. And, with over 30 advanced filters, sales professionals can quickly find genuine leads with the intent to purchase. Gain the advantage of accurate, quality lead generation data from LinkedIn Sales Navigator. You can get a 60-day free trial of Sales Navigator at  This episode is brought to you in part by Skipio. Are you sick of crickets? As a salesperson, the pain of reaching out with phone calls or emails and not receiving a response is real. But all text messaging is not created equal. 85% of people prefer text over email and phone calls because they want to engage in a conversation, not listen to bots. Be more like people and start having conversations that end in the conversions you want. Try Skipio at This episode is brought to you in part by helps sales reps land their dream remote sales gig, where they can set their own hours, work from anywhere, and make six or even multi-6 figures per year. That sure sounds good to us! Committed to helping sales reps make a shift, will place you in an available sales role that will increase your commissions and help you live the life you want. Apply for free now at This episode is brought to you in part by Scratchpad. Are you tired of a digital workspace cluttered with notes, folders, files, and half-filled spreadsheets? (Not that we’re speaking from personal experience.) Luckily, we’ve found the solution. Scratchpad is the first Revenue Team Workspace specifically designed to adapt to each salesperson’s workflow, so you don’t have to change your habits. Scratchpad creates a streamlined workflow that allows everyone to be a little more productive each day without the hassle of updating a database with whatever info you can find. Get Scratchpad free at  As one of our podcast listeners, we value your opinion and always want to improve the quality of our show. Complete our two-minute survey here: We’d love for you to join us for our next episodes by tuning in on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Stitcher, or Spotify. Audio provided by Free SFX, Soundstripe, and Bensound. Other songs used in the episodes are as follows: The Organ Grinder written by Bradley Jay Hill, performed by Bright Seed, and Produced by Brightseed and Hill.

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