Reconnecting The Human Body To The Earth with Laura Graham

In this episode of The Sauna Show, we explore the science and health benefits surround Earthing, also commonly known as Grounding. Earthing is a therapeutic practice that connects the electrons from the Earths surface into the human body, commonly through the feet, but also through numerous devices such as grounding rods. Research has shown solid evidence supporting Earthing as an effective treatment for better sleep, lower inflammation, better blood flow and even an increase boost in the immune system. In order to discover more about Earthing, we talked to Earthing specialist and founder of Earthing Oz, Laura Graham. From Earthing to EMF protection, Laura provides an immense array of free educational resources as well as products through Earthing Oz. Selling only genuine Earthing products, Earthing Oz is one of the most trusted Earthing brands in Australia.

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