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Malcolm Robinson : The paranormal and the Bonnybridge phenomenon

Interview with Malcolm Robinson discussing the Paranormal and the UAP flap in central Scotland, reaching its peak in the 90's sightings still persist to present day. Malcolm Robinson, a well-known Paranormal Scottish investigator, author, conference speaker and truth seeker. A list of Malcolm's books can be found below and you can follow his facebook link for updates on his present work. Malcolm Robinson: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle   

Om Podcasten

A new podcast documenting the reported and unreported strange occurrences in Scotland. We will delve into the strange stories kept within families or a close circle of friends, bring them to the light of day, research past cases, witness interviews, discussion, and on-site recordings when possible. You will hear anything paranormal from, ufo's/uap's, alien abduction, cryptids, folklore, entities, ghosts, spirituality, and high strangeness. Join us and contribute with your accounts at