Featuring Maria Traino, Certified NeuroCoach

Maria Traino is a certified NeuroCoach.  She’s a brand designer turned coach, helping start-ups and solopreneurs in all areas of their lives.  She utilizes The Designer’s Approach to help freelance artists and creative solopreneurs rewire their limiting beliefs and intentionally create fulfilling lives and businesses.  The Designer’s Approach ™ is a process and philosophy centered around solving complex problems in an individualized way. Part of Maria’s success as a NeurCoach is drawing upon her previous brand design expertise, understanding that people already have answers inside of them and that it’s her job as a coach to help her clients find them. Learn more about Maria Traino at MariaTraino.com.  To receive your free gift: 9 Ways You're Leaving Money on the Table, click the link and enter the code WENDY.  And be sure to follow Maria on Facebook and Instagram.

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