Featuring Nicole Ronningen, Spiritually Aligned Life & Business Coach

Nicole Ronningen is an Essential Oil Intuitive. She draws from many resources in her practice of Spiritually Aligned Life & Business Coaching, teaching, and facilitating healing. Nicole is certified in: Holy Fire® III, Karuna Reiki, Full-Body Flowology, AromaTouch Technique and she utilizes tools from Universal Languages, such as Astrology & The Enneagram, Emotion Code, tapping, Trauma Awareness, Meditation and Divine Unconditional Love. Nicole teaches discernment, discovery & development of people’s spiritual gifts to help them cultivate their unique practice of aligned, attuned & abundant living. Nicole's circles are Sacred Spaces where lasting friendships & collaboration Is created and everyone feels safe to heal and shine. Learn more about Nicole Ronningen at TheEssentialNicole.com and be sure to follow her on Instagram.

Om Podcasten

Listen in to hear who's blazed their own trail - on a less-than-perfect pathway to success - and how they did it. Plus grab some simple moves that make selling easier so you can get more clients!