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105. Boost Sales In Your Launch with These 5 Ads

av The Shine Show | Publicerades 5/24/2021

Does it feel like your students are taking forever to ponder, browse, sail to china and back before FINALLY following through and purchasing your online course? It gets exhausting!  If you're feeling like this, I am so glad you are here!  There are some psychological hacks I want to share with you that will completely change the game when it comes to marketing your product. These simple tricks will have your customers sitting on the edge of their seats, credit cards in hand, waiting in anticipation to buy your product! The faster your customers act, the more profitable your business becomes. On this episode of the Shine Show, I delve into the fantastic book 'Influence: The Psychology Of Persuasion' by Rob Cialdini and explore some of the incredible psychological principles he writes about that will revolutionize your next launch and boost your profitability like crazy. I'll then teach you 5 simple ad types that use these principles, so you can start actioning today! I hope that today's episode helps you to achieve record-breaking launches and feel more confident about marketing. Grab a cuppa and enjoy the show!    Start listening now   P.S. If you found today's podcast helpful, you’ll absolutely love my program ‘The Launch Lounge’, and in exciting news, we have a new intake beginning on June 27th. You can sign up to hear more about the early bird specials we will be offering if you're on the waitlist. This is the program where I share all my secrets from 4 years of managing live online course launches for 6 and 7 figure online course creators and is definitely right for you if you're ready to create your first 6 figure launch.    Registrations for the next intake are limited and I would hate for you to miss out. Join the waitlist today by clicking here!

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