The Sid Griffin Podcast - Call All Coal Porters

The Sid Griffin Podcast - Call All Coal Porters - Show 28

av The Sid Griffin Podcast - Call All Coal Porters | Publicerades 4/8/2020

The new Sid Podcast is here, a call all Coal Porters coronavirus special. As no recording studio was available for Sid, Sonja, and their award winning engineer Kevin Stokes the methodology was different this time around. Sid picked the songs according to regions hit particularly hard by coronavirus. Hence Italy, Spain, NYC, Japan, etc. Then Our Hero contacted friends in those very regions and they sent him a list of possible choices which best reflected their nation. Two of these were picked and they were then assembled in a format and in a order which Sid deems best to raise the spirits of the housebound, to get Mom and even Dad dancing, to put a smile on the face of any neighbour within earshot. Without further introduction, here is what Our Hero refers to as “the best, most important podcast I, Sonja, and Kevin Stokes have done so far”.

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Sid Griffin, author, musician and now broadcaster, plays his current fave tunes from across the musical spectrum and chats about what’s coming up in his own life and what’s going down at large culturally.