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Avsnittet publicerades: 7/9/2019

Good morning everybody.  This show right here is all good and copacetic.  J. Anthony Brown opens up the show and what ingredient are you to add to the pot?  The ladies get to ask the fellas any question on their mind.  Karlous Miller shares the stage once again with Nick Cannon.  Cardi B. throws her wig off stage and wants it back.  The 15 year old sensation Coco is defeated yesterday at Wimbledon and leaves her mark.  Toontown is fight city in Disneyland.  Do you know the complaints people say in your car when they have no car of their own?  Anderson Cooper only inherits $1.5 million and is not trippin'!  Snoop Dogg voices his opinion of the latest bottle cap challenge.  Today, the crew lets us know what they learned today and more.

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