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Happy Belated Father's Day, Church Complaints, Anthony Davis Trade, Tampa and more.

Av The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Avsnittet publicerades: 6/17/2019

The CEO opens up the show and we wish those a belated Happy Father's Day.  Steve sings about chicken and J. Anthony Brown is all in his feelings.  Church Complaints involves two siblings going to Junior Prom without knowing the full facts.  Junior has a belated Father's Day Poem.  George Stephanopoulos has an exclusive interview with President Trump.  We have the things you say to people that show up unexpectedly and you don't want them there.  Anthony Davis is going to the Lakers.  J. Anthony Brown tells us about his situation again for those that are unaware and OJ Simpson gets lit up on social media.  Junior had a great time in Tampa because he started singing some Jodeci.  Today in Closing Remarks, Big Dog speaks about positivity on social media and more.

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