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Parenting, Avengers, Shirley Strawberry, Joe Biden and more. - The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Avsnittet publicerades: 4/26/2019

We open Happy Friday with learning something new.  Are kids with older parents more socially awkward than those with younger parents.  We are praying for John Singleton and his family.  Avengers Endgame hits theaters.  Our very own Shirley Strawberry is one the most influential women in radio according to Radio Ink Magazine.  Congratulations Miss Shirley!  Joe Biden seems to be the only candidate that Trump is worried about and the President gets petty.  The crew plays "Have your ever.....?  We also give you the latest in the NBA and NFL.  Today in Closing Remarks, Uncle Steve tells us the importance of talking to God, plus more.  Have a great weekend!

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