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Vacation, Less Sex, MTH, Bitterman and more.

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Avsnittet publicerades: 7/1/2019

Welcome to the ride y'all.  The morning starts in a lit kind of way.  The crew talks about vacations and its positive and negative effects.  Americans are having less sex and we find out why.  What are some the messed up things people do in your car?  Fool #2 murders another one in the spirit of Kirk Franklin.  Do your conversations with others always lead to the same subjects?  Truth be told, find out why Junior wants to be related to Steve.  J. Anthony Brown is also known as Bitterman.  Why???  There is no way like kicking off 4th of July our way.  Today in Closing Remarks, the Big Dog explains taking inventory and why dead weight negatively affects us and more.

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