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Avsnittet publicerades: 6/10/2019

The show opens today with Uncle Steve talking about why he and his nephew never hang out.  Find out what movie Steve and grandkids watched and which movie is #1 in the box office over the weekend.  Church Complaints got real when someone complained about the pastors wife and her singing.  Denzel Washington was honored by AFI with the lifetime achievement award.  Celebrity Family Feud premiered with John Legend and Terry Crews.  Junior suggests that Golden State won't have a chance unless KD comes back.  Do you know the nickname of someone but have no idea what their real name is?  If you love sandwiches, then the fellas have the 10 best sandwiches list just for you.  JoJo Hailey of Jodeci celebrates his birthday and because Junior is their number one fan and he starts singing his favorite tracks.  Today in Closing Remarks, The CEO gives us poetry that will help us survive and thrive in life, plus more.

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